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i have a bad case of "the office spaces" today. that's what i call it when i get another surge of "get me out of here" and "i need a new job asap." it's not the 9-5 thing so much (though, for me, it always ends up being 9:30 or 10 to 5:30 or 6... ahem). it's just the work environment at this particular office - it is not for me. i need to work in a relaxed, creative workplace - like sk telecom or google (or so i've heard). not somewhere with high cubicle walls and a feeling of social isolation.

well, since i'm on a ANTI-DULL, PRO-CREATIVE high right now, here are some seemingly function-only objects that people have decided to make into cool accessories --> USB flash drives!
USB Glasses: lightweight wayfayers
at urban outfitters
miffy USB: bunny with changeable clothes
at 11st
"I Am A Key" USB: key-shaped
at A+R Store

Black Shift Key USB: command keys
by robotbaby

Sushi Disk: yummmmm
at dynamism
"nailed" USB: where's the hammer?
at  plankton
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USB Glasses: click
miffy USB: click
"I Am A Key" USB: click
Black Shift Key USB: click
Sushi Disk: click
"nailed" USB: click